Grizzly Lodge on Pukeashun Mountain, British Columbia

This is what backcountry sled riding was meant to be. From the comforts of our remote lodge you can access unbelievable terrain and deep powder without having to fight the crowds.

With over 120 sq. km of riding terrain and 15+ feet of annual snowfall, our area rivals anywhere else in the province. The riding elevation ranges from 2000 to 7500 ft. The season begins in November and ends in late May. There is terrain to suit any skill level and enough boondocking or hillclimbing to entertain the most hardcore sledder for weeks on end. Come experience the best kept secret in the B.C. interior for mountain riding and find untouched powder for weeks after a storm. We are all about the backcountry snowmobile experience. No crowds, no nonsense…. just great sledding. We offer a snowmobile vacation you’ll never forget.

You should join us
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