Trip Highlights

Your home in the Backcountry - Hot Tubs available
Highlight #1

Your home in the Backcountry

Wake up, Grab Coffee, Hit the Hot Tub, Have Breakfast, Gear up and Ride! Grizzly Lodge is positioned right in the heart of snowmobile country.
Mouth-watering Meals at Grizzly Lodge
Highlight #2

Mouth-watering Meals

After a long day of carving up powder, come on back for a Grizzly Caesar and a meal you won’t soon forget!
Have a massage at Grizzly Lodge
Highlight #3

Snowmobiling is Tough Work

Be sure to book your massage with one of our highly trained massage therapists. They will make sure you are good and ready for another long day of riding.
Guided Snowmobile Tours at Grizzly Lodge
Highlight #4

Needing Direction?

Hire one of our trained snowmobile guides and they will find you some of our best riding and even help you hone your skills along the way.
Gear rentals at Grizzly Lodge
Highlight #5

Have everything you need?

Maybe your snowmobile broke down, you forgot your avalanche beacon, or you left your boots at home. We have a fleet of current model year Polaris snowmobiles, avalanche safety gear and riding gear to keep you out on the mountain.

A typical day at Grizzly Lodge is
anything but typical!

  • Coffee’s on at the crack of dawn, so grab a cup and sit by the fire while you wake up.
  • 8:30am – breakfast is served buffet style
  • Gear up as soon as you’re done breakfast and pack your bagged lunch from items set out by our chef.
  • One of our staff members will meet you out at the fuel tanks to fuel up and you’re off – less than a 15 minute ride to the top of the world!
  • At the end of a long day of deep pow, leave your wet gear in our dry-room, grab some appies and a drink at the bar and head out to soak your weary bones in the hot tub, sweat it out in the sauna, play some pool or watch a sled video on our big screen TV. We’ve got WiFi and satellite TV as well – we may be off the grid but you won’t be roughing it.
  • On those extra strenuous days, sign up for a relaxation or deep tissue massage with one of our highly qualified massage therapists.
  • 6:30pm – Dinner is served buffet style – our red-seal chef will not leave you disappointed!
  • Revisit point #5! The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy. You might want to head to bed early ’cause it starts all over again in the morning!

Terrain at your fingertips

Far from the aggressive slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the Shuswap backcountry provides over 45000 acres of accessible terrain for all riders. Pukeashun Mountain is primarily made up of multiple peaks and rolling ridges reaching to an elevation of 7500 ft. The slopes are covered in perfectly-spaced trees and there are many subalpine lakes and bowls to be discovered. All of this is at your ski-tips in less than 15 minutes after breakfast.