Active Forest Road Safety

Logging Road Travel

There have been serious incidents between logging trucks and snowmobilers. Please read the following guidelines:

  • When entering onto an active logging road proceed with extreme caution.

  • Two-way VHF radios are mandatory, however, you must still anticipate drivers without radios.

  • The radio channel used on the 670 forest service road is RR-11 (150.440).

  • Use your radio to call your kilometer locations, type of vehicle, and indicate whether you are traveling UP or DOWN. (example: 2 up, 670, pick-up)

  • Always call your location when starting out from the parking lot, starting onto a new road, and at the MUST CALL signs.

    •  On the 670 there is a MUST CALL at km 12 up and km 14 down.

  • Never attempt to pass a logging truck unless you have radio contact. When it is safe to do so, the driver will pull over and notify you that it is safe to pass.

  • Always yield the right-of-way to logging trucks.

  • There are many wide spots along the way. Anticipate the location of the loaded truck and pull into a wide spot before you meet and wait for the truck to pass.

  • When pulling over into a wide spot, park as far up as possible to leave room behind you for others.

Always plan for extreme winter driving conditions. The 670 forest service road has many steep grades and can be very icy. Tire chains must be carried by all vehicles and should be used by all trucks pulling trailers. The switchback after km 12 is the steepest section of the road. For this section, it is very important to use tire chains and take extreme caution.