March 1st, 2019 in Newsletters

To the mountains!
It’s not too late to treat yourself with an unforgettable gift of a great time here at Grizzly Lodge!

2019 Polaris 850 RMK

We can’t wait for the new 2020 Polaris lineup! So how did the 2019 models perform? After almost a full season of pushing the limits on the new 850s we can attest to all the hype around these sleds! The extra power along with the new front end is a big improvement – makes it much more nimble and responsive.

You really notice the difference jumping on an older model, which is still great, but the extra juice the 850 Patriot™ Engine puts out really spoils you. Our rental sleds go through many hours of mountain fun, and luckily the guys at Outlaw Motorsports Kamloops keep an extra large pile of spare A-arms just for us! These machines are the lightest mountain sleds in the industry and can definitely get you in to places that you can only imagine.

Ride, Drink, Sleep, Repeat!

What can be better than a nice beverage of your choice after a long day of sledding? With our full service bar and a great variety of unique shots and cocktails there is something for everyone.

What’s on Tap? It may seem like your average ale, but Peach Cream Ale by The Tin Whistle Brewery is anything but! Finely hand crafted with the aroma and taste of fresh Okanagan peaches, and with dry and refreshing finish is certainly a staff favourite. We are hoping to bring in a second brew next season!

For wine lovers we carry a variety of BC VQA Wines to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Another Okanagan Valley gem worth mentioning is D’Angelo Estate Winery.

Our signature Grizzly Caesar needs no praise – everyone who has tried it knows it is amazingly delicious, and the secret sauce recipe will never leave the vault. To keep things fresh, we are constantly updating our drink menu. Snappy Dean, one of our guests just introduced us to a new recipe… the Painkiller 🙂 and the name says it all! Give it a try next time you are in the neighbourhood.