October 4th, 2016 in News

Fall is a busy time for us. The change in season brings a new urgency. Work days get longer, lunch breaks get shorter. Winter is coming and the day that we lose our vehicle access suddenly doesn’t feel so far away!

One event that marks the coming of the winter season is the annual migration of the fuel trucks. These truckers spend their day crawling up our bumpy logging road so that we can power the lodge and fuel your sleds all winter long. It takes approximately 15,000 litres of diesel just to run our generator for the season and with 50 km of inaccessible logging road between us and civilization, well, it’s safe to say we couldn’t make it happen any other way! We are very thankful that Armstrong Co-op is willing to make the trip.

Fall means firewood season as well. 22 cords split and stacked by the first snowfall is no easy feat but many hands make light(er) work and we’re very grateful for the friends and family that lend a hand.

Check out the video we made last season!