July 20th, 2016 in News

Tired of wasting precious sled time standing in line waiting to sign your waiver each season?  Wait no more!
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Smartwaiver is a great online software which allows you sign your waiver from your home before you even head out on the road to Grizzly Lodge.  Use your mouse or your finger to initial the blocks, fill in the requested information and then confirm your email – done and done.  Then, when you arrive here at the lodge, you can check in quickly with one of our staff members, get your room assignment and head up the trail to paradise.

You’ll notice there are two parts to the waiver – part 1 is our standard Grizzly Lodge Release of Liability and part 2 is a Coloured Fuel Certification form. Because our premium gasoline is marked, the province of BC requires a written agreement that it will only be used in off-road vehicles.  Some of you may opt not to purchase fuel and therefore not need the fuel cert but we prefer to have a copy on file anyway, just in case you need a top up.

If you have organized and paid for a group of guests, please feel free to direct them to this page (or forward them the email with the link) so they can sign a waiver as well.

Please note, Smartwaiver does not manage bookings and your signed waiver does not confirm your booking.  Your booking is confirmed when you have submitted a deposit and have received a booking confirmation email from our office.

If you have any questions regarding our online waiver, please be sure to let us know!
Email or call 250.554.0247